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Do you come regularly? Want to get rewarded for it? For each elimination you get, it now counts towards firstly pride, but also unlocking new accomplishments. Earn rewards when you hit our target numbers.

Have access to our great new challenges board, when completing a challenge it will give you an Emblem that will be placed on your personalised custom orange gun barrel, which is also included in the membership.

See your name on our leaderboard below if you come in the top 5 each month. You’ll have many opportunities to come to FLC, weekly clubs, monthly clubs, holiday clubs and any other events. Oh yeah you also get a discount to all this as part of the membership!

From the moment you sign up to the membership, every one of your eliminations will be tracked as well as your challenge progression so you can keep a track on how you are getting on.

Finally the membership will allow you to come to 1 free weekly club once a month.

Join TEAM FLC and embark on your journey now.

£12.99 per month

Leader Board